February 02, 2023

1. Make a Plan

So the saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Not exactly, over the years of observation I would conclude if you do not have a plan all you have is hopes.

Let’s forget to make a new plan, what was that one thing you wish you could have completed, be it the online training course, starting your own business, joining a local sport club, starting a family, or learning to play the piano.

The tip is to make sure the plan is totally yours, not based on family members or friends who tell you so. In the end, there is only one you in the entire universe.

2. Declutter

Start off by making your bed every morning. Yes, make your bedroom. Be it your workspace, bedroom, study area or just your wardrobe.

I personally put it dispose or donate the stuff you do not need I also personally love the saying that if you do not do this periodically then the following will happen:

“The stuffs you own you end up owning you”.

3. Think Strategically

The world is a crowded place. There is no shortage of consumerism/ social media to overcrowd your judgement. This is in fact back to point one above that one needs to have a clear mind to think strategically in order to make that plan, be it:

  • Clear off debts
  • Build your dream home
  • Planning for children education
  • Invest into your future
  • Uplift your business to its full potential

If this list is your strategic cores for the year, then dare I say you cannot successfully execute them if you have other stuffs running your life for you – tip? Read point 2 above again.

4. Do

Doing is the most important currency there ever is. Gary Vaynerchuck puts it you cannot read about push-ups you have got to do it or James Clear’s idea:

You can graduate with the finest university degrees, you can read the most useful books. You can enjoy the loving support of family and friends.

But your degrees cant’s take action for you. Your books cant’s make the decision for you. Your family can’t live your life for you.

There is no substitute for courage. At some point, you have to make the choice to do it.

5. Celebrate

Review, assess, adjust, achieve and celebrate. Yes in that order. In the end, life goals are by-product learning to enjoy the process and the climb to your goal is way underrated. The process of getting your hand dirty and do is as important – see point 4 above.

You have to learn to love the process and make sure do not make yourself a tyrant along the way.

From Will Chin & GW Team


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