COVID-19 Special Resources, Aids, Assistance & Advice

Bang! 2020 what a year this has been. At a personal level, never would we have imagined the probability of living through this truly once in a lifetime Covid-19 pandemic event in our generation, dating back the last one Spanish Flu being on similar scale – some 100 years ago!

Whilst unprecedented, we have developed systems in combatting businesses in needs of cash flow, protection, HR, customers, and government funding to keep them afloat. As transparent as we get, we do not make pretend we have all the answers to the questions with businesses being badly impacted, for example the ones being forcibly shut down. What we do promise at the minimum level is by lending a listening ear for us to hopefully in diagnosing where the problems lie.

What we are proud of is the ability to pr­­ovide our clients with cutting-edge advice by keeping abreast the constantly evolving legislations. Keeping businesses to stay afloat and ultimately strive at the end of this pandemic is paramount to our success story.

Featured Resources & Advisory Areas

  • Business Continuity Plan
  • JobKeeper Registration, Management and Advice
  • Cash Flow Boost Stimulus/ Grants
  • Banks and Financial Institutions Negotiations
  • Payroll Tax Grants & Reliefs
  • Protecting Business Goodwill
  • Cash Flow Testing and Advisory
  • State & Territory-based Support & Grants
  • Trainee and Apprentice Wages Subsidy
  • Business Accelerated Asset Write-offs
  • ATO & Tax Negotiations and Tax Deferrals
  • Commercial Rental Relief and Negotiations
  • Individual Support

How We Can Help You

Setting up an Annual Budget

Tracking & Forecasting your financials on a quarterly basis

Benchmarking your numbers against the industry standard

Providing an Extensive Budget Analysis

Improving & Optimising your bottom line

Bespoke advice on Human Resources & Wage Adjustments

If you would like to speak with our consultants on how this can help your business, send us an email at A sample of our VCFO Package can be provided upon request.